Acoustic Gallery

After finishing the first two guitars at home in my own shop, and proving I could do it,  I launched off and built 8 more.  The first of these were for my son and my brother-in-law.

Back and Sides are Myrtle; Neck is Mahogany.

Tops are Sitka Spruce, Headstocks are Myrtle and the Rosettes are Applewood

I like building guitars in pairs.  Once I set up for an operation I might as well do it twice.  The next pair was for my brother Keith and my friend Mike.

My brother opted for a Maple back and sides and Ebony bindings. The neck is also Maple.

The Fingerboard is Granadillo, the headstock is Ebony and the Rosette is Tigerwood.

Here a short video of me playing Mike’s guitar soon after it was finished.

The next I built guitars for two of my Nephews

Back and Sides are Myrtle Wood and Necks are Maple.

Pat chose the Ash binding while Ken opted for the Ebony.

Here there are at the Family Reunion holding their guitars for the first time.  Maybe it is just me but I think they look happy with them.

Next I built guitars for a friend and another nephew that both happen to be police officers.  I offered to inlay a cracker-jack sheriff’s badge into the headstock.  But, in the end, we all agreed that a more tasteful and yet appropriate motif for their guitars would be a Thin Blue Line.

Back and Sides are Walnut.

The Blue Lines are made of acrylic sheet from Tap Plastics.  I do like the way it goes with the walnut.

And it looks even better in Ebony headstock.

The position markers were cut from the same acrylic sheet with a plug cutter.  And, serendipitously, someone had just given me some blue stabalized maple that made fitting rosettes.