Short Scale Bass Guitar

For the past 40+ years, a dominant feature at my residence has been a magnificent Black Walnut tree in the back yard.  We loved that tree.  Not so much in the fall, it did drop a few leaves, but in the summer it was wonderful.   Especially sitting on the deck, looking up into its canopy and enjoying the shade.  Our kids, of course, grew up in, under, and around that tree. 

Unfortunately it became diseased and threatened to split apart and crush my house, or my shop, or my neighbor’s house; and anyone in them.  So prudence demanded that we have it removed.

Once it was safely on the ground, it was cut up on site by NW Specialty Lumber and Milling and the slabs were taken to their facility in Sheridan to be dried.  Part of the deal is that I get some of the wood back for my own personal use.  So a couple of months ago, I drove out to visit my wood and brought home a sample. 

The first item built from my dear old tree was a bass guitar for a seventh grader at Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School.  Ellianna is just learning to play bass and I have been giving her a few pointers.  A normal 34” scale bass guitar looks HUGH in her hands. So, I decided to make a smaller one for her; a 30″ scale version of the Mezaluna design I built for myself

Elli came to visit the shop a few times during construction and was able to participate in some design choices.  She was so excited and appreciative.  You just gotta love building for someone with a smile like that!

The body blank for this guitar was just a chunk we whacked off a slab that was too long to fit in my truck.  That piece of firewood made a fine looking guitar.











  • 30” scale 4 string electric bass guitar
  • Body and head plate – home grown Black Walnut
  • Neck – Maple
  • Fingerboard – Ebony
  • Pickup – Seymore Duncan SMB-4a; passive; one volume & one tone control
  • Tuners – Gotoh Compact
  • Bridge – Shaller roller
  • All hardware – chrome