Building a Balalaika Pt 4 – Ready for Strings

A recess was carved for the lower nut of Ebony. This is where the strings will pass over the edge of the body.

And, it was glued in.

Frets were installed just like on a guitar except the little short ones on the end are tricky to handle

two .040″ Nylon strings and one .010″ steel string are attached with loops around standard guitar bridge pins.

The bridge of Maple and Ebony is not glued but merely held in place by string tension.

The tuner mechanism was screwed into place and covered with a Mable plate.

Upper nut is made of Micarta which is a synthetic bone substitute. Just like a guitar except shorter.

The pick guard is elevated to be level with the finger board adn only touches the top along the bindings. This one is temporarily attached with double stick tape until after finish is applied.


So, that’s about it for now. I am thinking about finishing with French Polish but that will be a whole other story.

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